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Mochlos coastal villageMochlos (or Mohlos) coastal village.

Mochlos Mochlos is a small island in the Bay of Mirabello, 45 km West of Palekastro. The little fishing village opposite the island has the same name and is  famous among Cretans for its specialities served in the local harbour tavernas.

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Kato Zakros beachKato Zakros Village and bay

Kato Zakros - The Gorge. One of the most picturesque villages of Crete, Zakros is located 19,5km from Palekastro. It has 1050 inhabitants, farmers, producing mainly olive oil. Kato Zakros is a small coastal village, site of the fourth large Minoan Palace, located 7,5km from Zakros at the bay of the same name.

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Toplou monasteryThe historic castle-monastery of Toplou one of the most significant and richest monasteries in Crete, is situated 6 km north from Palekastro.

It has a quadrangular shape and it's surrounded by a strong 10m high wall. Well-preserved 14th century's frescoes decorate these walls.

The history of Toplou is turbulent, hit by pirates and other enemies. After the 1821 slaughter of the monks by the Turks, the monastery was deserted until 1828.

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Palekastro and the areaSightseeing in Palekastro -Eastern Crete- Sitia area

Starting point : House Margot - Palekastro

The area around House Margot is addressed principally to the guests with an adventurous spirit,
those who seek the lesser-known sights and beaches, far from the bustling crowds and mass tourism.

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Palekastro  hikingHiking in Palekastro - Kato Zakros - Sitia - East Crete area

Starting point : House Margot - Palekastro

The ideal way to explore the area of Palekastro, by walking on coastal paths, ascending the highest peaks and crossing spectacular gorges.

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Sitia town

Sitia, Lassithi prefecture

Sitia is a beautiful small coastal city 18 km from Palekastro village, with a population of 9500 people, is the easternmost city on Crete and perhaps the least developed.

Even during the busy summer peak, Sitia retains a certain charm and laid-back style.

It has been inhabited since the Minoan period. At Petras, to the east of the town, a section of ancient settlement has been excavated.

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